Calls for 明尼苏达州 to Pass Tobacco 21 Law

明尼苏达州ns for a Smoke-Free Generation, a coalition of 50 organizations working to prevent youth smoking, is calling for the 我们 state to pass the law restricting the sale of tobacco age to 21.


“全国有两个州和200多个城市将烟草年龄提高到21岁,” said Dr. Raymond Boyle, Director of Research Programs at ClearWay 明尼苏达州. “The data we lay out in this 文章 provide compelling proof that such a policy would have an enormous health benefit in 明尼苏达州.”

文章,“将烟草的最低合法销售年龄提高到21岁,” was published in the January-February issue of 明尼苏达州 Medicine. It is the first of its kind to flesh out the specific statewide impact that raising the tobacco sale age would have on the smoking behaviour of adolescents and young adults.

Specifically, if 明尼苏达州 raised the legal sale age to 21:

  • 15岁以下的人到18岁时开始吸烟的人数减少了25%;
  • 到21岁时,开始吸烟的18岁儿童减少了15%;
  • 在接下来的15年中,这将使30,000名年轻人不再吸烟。

David Agerter, M.D., President of the 明尼苏达州 Medical Association said: “吸烟问题的根源在于新的吸烟者开始吸烟……使只有21岁以上的成年人才能使用烟草制品,这扩大了孩子与可出售卷烟之间的差距。这项研究证实这是防止孩子开始的新方法。”

“烟草业积极招募替代吸烟者以确保他们的利润,”Agerter博士继续说道。“The 明尼苏达州 Legislature can ensure our state remains a leader in protecting kids and keeping them healthy by passing Tobacco 21.”

“Minnesota’预防和治疗烟草的综合方法–包括强有力的政策–近年来大大减少了吸烟,” said Boyle. “但是这项研究表明,将烟草年龄提高到21岁将阻止后代年轻人开始吸烟,并有助于减轻吸烟负担。”

(Source: 明尼苏达州ns for a Smoke-Free Generation & ClearWay 明尼苏达州)